Toronto Blue Jays embrace social media

ttEarlier this week I had the opportunity to attend a Blue Jays game with 10,000 of my closest friends.  I’m sure you know that the Jays have been struggling at the gate this year.  The sports pages and even blogs have not been afraid to call out the Jays for their attendance struggles.  But this is a tech site…

I also had the chance to talk with Rob Jack.  Rob is the marketing dude for the Jays.  We talked about how the Jays might want to use social media tools to connect with their fan base and community.  I’m not taking any credit for it but next Tuesday is the beginning of “Tweeting Tuesdays” at the Rogers Centre. 

This promotion will take place during 10 home games.  “Join the Blue Jays for Tweeting Tuesdays as fans and @bluejays followers will have the opportunity to ask questions, win prizes, and interact with the Blue Jays in-stadium through Twitter.”

My prediction.  It has a chance to work.  Toronto’s social media community loves it when brands embrace these tools to connect.  And it doesn’t hurt that 4 of these 10 games involve the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees.