Toronto District School Board returns from Stone Age, lifts cellphone ban

After plunging its stable of schools into the Stone Ages in 2007 via a comically futile cellphone ban, the Toronto District School Board gathered its senses and its board voted unanimously to re-allow kids to use their mobile devices in school.

“TDSB policies and procedures will be amended to allow individual teachers to determine the use of personal electronic devices during classroom teaching and learning,” the board said in a release issued earlier today.

“Their use by students outside the classroom will be permitted provided it does not distract from student learning or school activities. Trustees approved a motion clarifying the appropriate in-school use of PDAs, smart phones and similar electronic devices by students, recognizing the evolving nature of such technology, its value as a tool to enhance student learning and support curriculum delivery, as well as the growing role it plays in social communication.”

Welcome to 2011, Torontonian students!