Toronto Police Services takes its cue from CSI

It’s not the stuff of prime time TV’s CSI.  Yet.  But the Toronto Police Services, one of Canada’s most tech-savvy police forces has become a little more high tech.

Virginia-based, MediaSolv Solutions Corp. announced on Monday that the Toronto Police Service (TPS) has deployed its integrated Digital Evidence Management (iDEM) solutions product to speed up investigations, improve conviction rates and reduce operating costs. iDEM will allow TPS to create a Digital Video Asset Management System (DVAMS) across multiple divisions, helping them to handle recordings for custodial interviews, breath tests, bookings and other investigative procedures.  msc

MediaSolv’s solution gives crime solvers the confidence that video evidence is rock-solid when presented in court.  The highlight of its solutions package allows officers to track access to data to guarantee that it was not tampered with and no crucial pieces are missing.  Previously, TPS manually handled around 54,000 inbound and outbound evidence videos annually, a costly and time-consuming process.  DVD-based copies were hard to produce, manage and retrieve at a short notice.  MediaSolv eliminated this problem with a set of user-friendly features such as Video Evidence Touch Screens (VETS) that gives officers a quick and easy way to log and record evidence.  Now officers can rapidly produce, find, review and share the videos throughout the investigation and trial phases. This significantly speeds up the whole procedure and saves valuable financial resources.

“Toronto Police Service has a well-deserved reputation of being a technology-savvy organization, and we are thrilled that it decided to adopt our technology,” says Jim Weaver, MediaSolv Solutions’ President and CEO. “We are confident that our solution will help our U.S. and Canadian partners improve public security, rapidly uncover, analyze and prevent potential threats, build stronger relations with communities and better protect citizens’ rights.”

TPS has initially deployed the MediaSolv product at the Homicide Squad and Sex Crime Units, Traffic Services, Video Services, as well as three other divisions, with plans for additional Division roll out in the coming months.