Toronto Software Developers Lunch #7 On Oct 27th

Monday, October 27, 2008
12:00pm – 1:30pm
Sky Dragon (Corner of Spadina & Dundas) 5th floor of Dragon City


I didn’t attend Lunch #6 held on Oct 7th but this is what the organizer (Kristan Uccello) wrote about it on the
event’s Facebook page:

I hope everyone had fun at Dev Lunch #6 We took up two huge tables at Sky Dragon! I think they really like us there so why not go back again! We had a good mix of people and I heard an participated in several great conversations. Bring your appitie and grey matter to the table as we go for Developer Lunch #7 at Sky Dragon.

Its great to see these lunch and meets becoming a regular occurence in Toronto. New ideas, discussions and collaborations are bound to spring up from casual conversations at events like these. That has been a hallmark of Silicon Valley, where regular techies get to intermingle a lot in a casual environment. Great work by Kristan in initiating these events. Check them out sometime if you are in town!