Toronto sommelier launches revamped mobile app for Canadian wine lovers

A new mobile application aims to change the way Canadian wine lovers find, buy, and enjoy wine this summer. The Natalie MacLean Wine Picks & Pairings app lets you use your smartphone camera to snap a picture of any bottle label bar code in the  liquor store – then, with one click, you get tasting notes, scores, and food pairings.

“You’re in the liquor store wondering if you should buy the bottle with the castle on its label or the one with the fluffy squirrel,” says Natalie MacLean. She created the tool to make buying wine easier for consumers. “Now you just point and click to find out if that shiraz actually is a good wine to go with your pepper steak, or if the sauvignon blanc would work with your grilled veggies. No more guesswork based on castles and critters.”

The app’s key features allow you to access tasting notes, scores, prices, recipes and food pairings; search 150,000 wines at  liquor retailers across the country; get real-time stock for every wine at the store in which you’re shopping; check the number of bottles in stock at nearby stores via GPS real-time inventory search; track your purchases in your virtual cellar with just a few clicks; create a wine journal with your own wine notes and pictures in the app; and share your favourite wines and pairings on Twitter and Facebook.

The new Wine Picks & Pairings app is the “next generation” of Natalie’s mobile app, which was selected among the top five food-and-wine apps by both Computerworld Magazine and the New York Times. It’s the only one featured on Apple’s iTunes store under App Essentials for both “Food & Wine” and “Date Night.” Natalie is a certified sommelier and winner of the World’s Best Wine Writer award at the World Food Media Awards, and wrote and vetted all the pairings and wine reviews in the app, rather than relying on computer-generated algorithms and crowd-sourced material.

The app is available now for free for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Blackberry. Other smartphone uses can access the mobile website here.