Toronto startup Notesolution prepares for launch, an online note sharing platform for post-secondary students, is launching its free service to over 20 universities across Canada. 

“From Facebook to Foursquare, people are looking to their peers for the best source of information. Notesolution is the next natural progression for this concept of social learning” says Jack Tai, CEO and co-founder of Notesolution. 

Notesolution is a Toronto based startup originally exclusive to the University of Toronto. It launched in September 2010 and currently has over 10,000 active users sharing 12,000 study documents.

“We believe that experience is the best teacher, so why not learn from the experiences of fellow students?” asks Kevin Wu, COO and co-founder. “Notesolution is a gateway for students to exchange study materials with each other, connecting and enhancing their university life.” 

Notesolution believes the future of education should revolve around the concept of peer-to-peer learning and will be releasing Notesolution 2.0 later this week.