Toronto startup Qriket launches QR-based mobile game with real cash prizes

Qriket, a Toronto software company that has raised $500,000 from private investors, has launched a real-world mobile game where teams compete to win real cash prizes just by scanning QR Codes—the first of its kind in the world, the startup claims.

Available now on iTunes, the free app adds a social game layer to existing QR Codes. Teams work together to collect points by scanning any QR Code they find. At the end of every month-long season, winning teams split the cash prize and the game resets.

Now in its first season, Qriket will be awarding $25,000 at the end of November. Bonus challenges, special Qriket QR Codes, and instant-win opportunities “make sure that anyone who joins has a real chance to win.”

“We wanted to give people incentive to scan QR Codes by creating an innovative way to deliver the content,” says Jonny Comparelli of Qriket. “And what better way to do that than making them the token of a social, mobile game that awards real cash prizes?”

Unlike other available QR Code readers, Qriket allows users to scan QR Codes without an Internet connection.