Toronto Startuppers: Get Your Ping Pong On At Startupong

Anyone involved in the Toronto startup scene would probably tell you how awesome it is to be a part of.

Not only is it growing incredibly fast and putting Toronto on the map as a tech leader — you only have to look as far as Shopify and Wattpad to know we’re kicking serious butt — but we’re a close community that’s supportive of each other and determined to see fellow startuppers succeed.

We also like to play just as hard as we work.

At Uberflip that means a lot of things, like a team of people who are as much friends as they are co-workers, a basketball net, and snacks and drinks (virgin and otherwise) on demand. It also means ping pong. Lots of it. In fact, before it was mural-ized, our H.U.S.T.L.E. room was known as the Ping Pong Room, and it’s the most active room in the office. There’s just something about hurling tiny white balls at each other that brings people together.

So we thought, why not bring the entire startup community together over a game (or 10)? Enter Startupong, a massive ping pong tournament held exclusively for Toronto startuppers at none other than SPiN!

Don’t let the term “tournament” fool you. Even if you couldn’t ping your way out of paper bag, we encourage you to come and give it a go — or just cheer people on from the sidelines while enjoying a beer and secretly laughing at everyone’s ping pong faces. Startupong is all about bringing people who are excited about technology together for mixing, mingling, having a good time, and potentially sparking a citywide ping pong rivalry. You know, whatever happens.

The event will be taking place on Wednesday, October 22nd so mark your calendar and tell your friends. We’ve rented out SPiN Toronto so it will be full of startuppers just like you who want to get their pong and party on. Tickets are free, and there will be food, drinks and swag to go around (Uberflip headbands for all, of course). Anyone who is involved in the Toronto tech scene — or who wants to get into it — is invited. That said, if you’re a recruiter looking to hunt potential candidates or in “biz dev” hyperdrive with a stack of business cards locked and loaded, you might want to look for another party to go to. We want Startupong to be all about having fun and meeting cool people who share your interests, not padding your rolodex.

Beer + food + awesome people + a sport that’s fun even when you suck at it = what’s not to like? RSVP for Startupong here or email for more details.