Toronto Teams Dominate Global Startup Battle, Claim Grand Prize out of 1,000 Competitors

The results are in for the Global Startup Battle, and Toronto teams have come out on top in the winners’ circle, with one Toronto startup taking the top prize.

The developers of Pawly the robotic dog took top honour in the worldwide bout that saw 20000 competitors.   Pawly enables you to play with your flesh-and-fur dog remotely, by using your cell phone to pilot a wifi-enabled robot that can even take pictures and dispense treats.  The idea is that you can keep your lonely pet occupied from your workplace, which sounds like an adorable way to lose your job.



It’s small wonder that Pawly won the Google-sponsored Champion Circle, what with the search engine company terrifyingly buying up robotics companies. Their recent acquisition of military contractor Boston Dynamics put Google in control of a downright unsettling quadrupedal running robot built from the stuff of nightmares. It’s unlikely that anyone would want the Boston Dynamics “Big Dog” entertaining Fido while they’re out of the house.



Also placing among the top teams were Toronto-based LifeCapsule, who are developing a high-tech pill case that alerts the family when elderly folks miss a dose, and Griflens, the Toronto startup behind a set of interactive story beads for little girls. Perhaps the idea is that girls can use them to tell of how mommy and daddy were inhumanly trampled to death in the Google Robot Wars.