Toronto Wearable Tech Already Making Waves at SXSW



SXSW hasn’t even started yet and already Canadian startups are making waves at the event.

Specifically, Toronto wearable technology is set to dazzle attendees. Three companies from Canada’s largest city will be showing off “some of the coolest wearable computers,” writes John Shinal for USA Today.

Shinal gushes praise for several Toronto startups, including Bionym:

Arguably the biggest mobile-device breakthrough at this year’s South by Southwest Interactive confab in Austin will be a unique bracelet …  The Nymi device from Bionym contains a security advancement that, if widely adopted, could make passwords, security keys and all other methods of digital identification obsolete. Straight out of the future, the wristband turns the wearer’s own heartbeat into a secure biometric identifier that can be used to access a home, car, office, computer, mobile device—anything that requires an authenticated ID.

And Kiwi Wearables:

Kiwi Wearables’ forthcoming wristband, called the Move, uses an array of sensors to capture and analyze data on even the most subtle gestures. The result can be a better golf swing or throwing motion for athletes, or tighter collaboration among musicians.

And PUSH Strength:

The PUSH Strength, meanwhile, is an armband that helps produce more of what its name implies. Its sensor technology measures the force of human muscle movements, providing feedback to boost the effectiveness of weightlifting and other strength conditioning.

Bionym and Kiwi will be competing at SXSW as accelerator finalists in the wearable tech category, while PUSH is a finalist in the Digital Innovation Challenge.

While Toronto startups may be showcasing their tech upfront, Vancouver startups are actually powering the conference itself.

Eventbase developed the official 2014 SXSW Go app, which will achieve an industry first through the rollout of secure iBeacon-powered proximity beacons and the launch a “Session Live” feature that will enable real-time audience interaction.

Attendease is being used by SXSW in a number of capacities. First, the event planning team uses the company’s Schedule Builder tool to slot the entire schedule across all event venues. Second, the Attendease API is being leveraged to synchronize the slotted schedule data with related SXSW properties. And third, Attendease is being used to host the interactive schedule for SXSW’s Interactive Workshops.

Finally, Meetingmax will be powering hotel reservations. Meetingmax’s online accommodation platform will handle hotel room bookings for SXSW’s roster of events and conferences; the companies expect the system to process more than $15 million in hotel transactions during the first year.