Toronto’s Achievers launches 7.0: New mobile site plus slew of extra features

Toronto-born startup Achievers, an employee rewards and social recognition company, has announced its 7.0 product release, featuring “enhanced mobile, social and global capabilities.”

Formerly I Love Rewards, Achievers 7.0 includes “the launch of the new Achievers mobile site, personalized video and Postcard Recognition, personalized profiles and enhanced global capabilities, including in-country fulfillment and multilingual 24/7 employee support.”

“Achievers’ newest features make timely, meaningful recognition easier than ever before, directly impacting employee engagement and happiness,” said Razor Suleman, CEO and founder, Achievers. “A platform that is more mobile, social and global empowers our clients to be even more successful and we will continue to solicit their feedback for future product releases as part our mission to Change the Way the World Works.”

“Achievers’ newest product release will undoubtedly help Starwood Hotels engage more of our workforce in a meaningful way,” said Joshua Karam, Director Human Resources, The Westin Harbour Castle.  “The mobile site is perfect for our many associates who are not stationed at desks throughout the day and the social elements like Live Recognition help build personal relationships within our diverse workforce.”


The new mobile enabled Achievers site allows recognitions to occur anytime, anywhere and is optimized for use on any smartphone or tablet. All of the major activities, such as recognizing coworkers, viewing program activity, and redeeming for rewards from the Wishlist can be performed through the mobile site.


The Achievers platform is now enhanced for a more social, personal experience.  Video and postcard recognition allow recognition moments to be more personal and fully customizable. Additionally, a redesigned newsfeed, Live Recognition, allows employees to give recognitions as soon as they log on to the platform, increasing the occurrence of frequent, timely and specific recognition.


 Achievers is available in 55 countries, with additions every day. Now, members all over the world can redeem for local, culturally relevant rewards from the catalog. Additionally, all users will have access to multilingual customer support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring an enjoyable, satisfying redemption experience.