Toronto’s Addictive Mobility collabs with Future Shop to create viral campaign

Toronto’s Addictive Mobility is making strides in mobile social targeting with its new campaign for Future Shop. In just five days, the campaign has generated 10 times the planned traffic as a result of going viral on social networks via smartphones.

The campaign revolves around a rich media game, Find the Cute Gerbil. The creative concept was spearheaded by Cossette. Users search for a gerbil in order to earn credits for a Future Shop gift card. Direct links in the game send users to the Future Shop website and Facebook page. The game is complemented by AMO technology which tracks conversations on social media outlets like Twitter via 3rd party publishing partners. Traditional advertising networks would focus on demographics or site-based activity but social targeting ensures advertisers reach the most relevant audiences.

“We’re very excited to see the early results of our Future Shop campaign,” says Nussar Ahmad, Addictive Mobility CEO. “There was a massive rise in click rates that indicates our social targeting technology, in combination with rich media displays, leads to big results.” The campaign will run until the end of August.

Addictive Mobility is an award-winning premium mobile advertising network with offices in Toronto and Los Angeles. Future Shop is Canada’s largest retailer and e-tailer of consumer electronics.