Toronto’s concocts iWipe, your solution to Apple’s iOS location tracking, a secret affairs dating website created by Toronto’s Avid Life Media, recently launched iWipe, an app for the iOS that takes care of erasing location data that Apple won’t.

Everyone’s heard of the media firestorm that broke out last week when researchers revealed iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices keep a trail of digital breadcrumbs, enabling people to find out where the device has been at any given time.

But Apple hasn’t been quick to the gun with a satisfying solution.

In comes Now this sort of makes sense and it sort of doesn’t. After all, AshleyMadison is a dating site designed for people to cheat on their spouses—not a mobile app devloper. But then again, they know a thing or two about privacy.

iWipe is “the first downloadable application in the world which not only removes stored information on all iOS4 Apple gadgets, but also prevents future movement from being tracked.” To use the free app, backup your data, run the app, then reload your information on your device. 

“Just because Apple is one of the most powerful companies in the world, doesn’t mean they have the right to your private and personal information,” says AshleyMadison founder Noel Biderman. “When I heard about this breach of privacy I had my entire security team commit themselves to finding a solution for every Apple mobile user and I’m proud to announce that in 48 hours they were able to with the iWIPE app.  Apple claims they are working on this problem but if my team was able to produce iWipe in 48 hours, I’m puzzled as to what is taking them so long!”