Toronto’s on the auction block

Via auction block at eBay. a do-it-yourself website builder and domain purchasing site is for sale, on ebay. This isn’t the first startup to put themselves up on Ebay, Toronto based Tucows bought in an ebay auction for almost $260,000 a few years ago.

Will Clutterme get bids well past $200,000? Probably not, but I think the service is worth something, and a registrar such as Tucows, GoDaddy or another could really make good use of it. Clutterme is what they say it is: A really, really, easy way to make a website. It is the kind of really simple website builder that your mom would be happy to use. They also have a really slick domain purchasing system set up that lets people get their own domain and website builder all wrapped in to one.

Most established domain name registrars already have a free or cheap website building tool in their product mix but the Canadian domain space has a expiring domain names.

Acquiring an established site like could turn a domainer with accreditation into an instant competitor in the website builder space. Current bidding is at US $51.00.