Toronto’s Extreme Startups Reveals First Five Companies [Updated]

Toronto-based accelerator (not an incubator, like some misinformed people suggest) Extreme Startups has selected five companies for the inaugurual round of its program.

The organization saw applications from companies in 18 countries spanning five continents, according to TechCrunch—but ultimately settled with an all-Canadian lineup. Three startups are based in Extreme’s hometown of Toronto, while one is from Edmonton and one is from Ottawa.

The five startups selected were Gijit, which enhances calendars; ShopLocket, which lets users sell stuff; Granify, which uses big data technology to optimize e-commerce; Verelo, which offers website monitoring; and SimplyUs, which organizes couples’ lives.

Extreme Startups will provide $50,000 to each startup at the beginning of a three-month program for a 10% equity stake in the company. The accelerator has 50 mentors ready to assist these startups during the program.

Extreme Startups is hosting a Demo Day on Tuesday, June 19, from 1pm to 4pm EST at The Berkeley Church and Fieldhouse  in East Toronto.