Toronto’s Filemobile is in more places thank you think – it’s even mingling with Maxim’s Hometown Hotties

Toronto-based Filemobile Inc. is a developer of interactive online software. Founded in 2005, Filemobile creates software products for brands, agencies, and other enterprises to in turn create impacting online experiences for their clients or customers. The company’s bread and butter is its proprietary Media Factory software. Recently, Filemobile has been involved in three campaigns: Wind Mobile’s “Best Conversation Ever” contest, Recipe to Riches’ contest, and even Maxim’s 2011 Hometown Hotties contest.

Wind Mobile

Wireless startup Wind Mobile’s “Best Conversation Ever” campaign is giving away $600,000 to charities. The contest, which has contestants pick a famous personality and explain why they want to have a conversation with that person, is powered by Filemobile’s Media Factory software.

Recipe to Riches

Television show Recipe to Riches aims to find the next Great Canadian recipe (with $400,000 on the line!). Toronto-based digital agency Rain43 partnered with Filemobile, which provided registration and upload features.


International men’s magazine Maxim is launching its 2011 Maxim Hometown Hotties contest. The year-long event starts with 1,000 entrants, and week after week of voting occurs, until eventually a winner is announced and featured in a 2012 Maxim magazine.Filemobile is using two applications to provide the contest for Maxim: an upload widget for initial entrants and a customized version of the User Generated Content contest application.