Toronto’s FolioSpace Wants to Build Your Portfolio and Make it Social for Free

FolioSpace is a brand new web platform built by tech startup Couch Labs, which is based out of Toronto. Launched only yesterday by founder Steve Cosmam—best known for creating TweetPad—FolioSpace builds you a social portfolio for free.

Described as a “social portfolio for makers, builders, and creative people,” FolioSpace wants to be a sort of IMDb for projects—anything built or made by anyone, from designers and engineers to musicians and chefs. The social element is layered in by allowing portfolio makers to tag all the users who contributed to the project.

For example, University of Waterloo alumnus Sara Haider can show off her work on Twitter’s official Android client, Twitter for Android. An engineer on that project, Sara also reveals her mentorship role at Extreme Startups, a Toronto tech accelerator. In a nutshell, FolioSpace provies a simple, aesthetically satisfying—and free—way to share and discover amazing work by people you know and people you don’t.