Toronto’s Geminare is Granted World’s First RaaS Patent

Toronto-born firm Geminare has been granted the world’s first-ever patent for “recovery-as-a-service.” Geminare was awarded the cloud technology patent five years after first developing it. 

According to the patent office, the RaaS is a “system and method for providing data and application continuity in a computer system.” For the curious, it’s patent number 8,135,838.

Geminare was founded in Toronto in 2005, though last year moved its headquarters to Silicon Valley. President and CEO Joshua Geist told ITBusiness this patent was a significant milestone for Geminare—”the culmination of five years of a huge amount of development.”

“Not only do we have recognition from the patent office,” he explained, “but also market recognition, so it’s both sides of the fence. The actual recognition really helps to validate the business and why people are investing in the business.”