Toronto’s Launches Mobile App to Set ‘New Standard for Music Sharing and Discovery’

Toronto-based startup has launched an iPhone app that “promises to be the new standard for music sharing and discovery on mobile devices.”

Optimized for mobile, uses your iTunes listening history and Facebook sharing activity for a dual purpose: to display a snapshot of your recent favorites, and as a basis for “intelligent music recommendations from a proprietary algorithm.”

“For our new direction we took a hard look at the big picture of sharing and discovering music on your mobile device and how we could solve this problem,” says David Nam, newly appointed executive team member, formerly of MXP4 and

“Other sharing and discovery services were clearly invented for the web browser and not fundamentally designed for a mobile device. In the new app, we’ve taken this completely broken experience and created a legit mobile solution that makes it easy, fast, convenient and fun to discover new music by doing what you already do—share the music you love with the ones you love.” See it in action in the video below.

Every time you share a song or mini-mix to a friend, Facebook or Twitter through, you’re rewarded with an instant and relevant music recommendation to your iPhone. also enhances music discovery by showing artist tour dates via Songkick’s concert API and enables song purchases through iTunes. also uses your phone’s geo-location capability to visualize your musical influence with its patent-pending feature called a “Trak Journey.” Share a song on the app and displays a map showing where your song travels and who is listening across the country, and the world.

The latest is an evolution from the app’s earlier incarnation which launched at the SXSW Accelerator contest in March 2011, which used location as the basis for providing music recommendations.

“ lets you broadcast recommendations like any other service, but we focus on person-to-person because sharing music is a global behavior, but the music you share isn’t globally liked by everyone,” says David. “So instead of posting to a feed, post to the friends you think will like the music.” was founded in 2010 by James Milward, David Lengyel, and Romeo Candido.