IMPACT launches ‘I Am My Ambition,’ aiming to reawaken the entrepreneurial spirit

What’s your ambition?

If you’re an entrepreneur, Impact believes it’s probably yourself. And the organization seeks to reaffirm this with it’s online video series, “I Am My Ambition.

Impact, which promotes entrepreneurship and leadership in Canada, launched the not-for-profit program to reawaken the entrepreneurial spirit in all of us, and make potential entrepreneurs—especially those still young—realize that risks are a necessary and thrilling part of carrying that title. It’s a lifestyle that grows by feeding from outside sources, but it has to begin within yourself. Impact asks, Do you have what it takes? And if so, what are you waiting for?

The Toronto-based organization is running one video per week, each of which interviews an entrepreneur who models the shining example of self-ambition Impact wants to cultivate. Their first video was with Tuan Nguyen, who is the founder of Open Space Marketing. They have since run their second video, which features Jordan Monaghan, who is the founder of Angle Media Group, a rich media communications firm.

I Am My Ambition – Tuan Nguyen from I Am My Ambition on Vimeo.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Oleg Kostour, Director of IAMA:

I Am My Ambition—a phrase to remember?

Backed by Substance?

A new way to live?
You decide.