Toronto’s iSkin Engineers ‘Marvel of Modern Ingenuity,’ AKA New iPhone 4S Cases

Toronto-based technology gadget accessory maker iSkin has crafted what it calls “a marvel of modern ingenuity.” Engineered as two individual components that snap together to form a protective shell for one’s iPhone 4 or 4S, the iSkin Fuze and Fuze SE and blend “strong protection with sexy style.”

iSkin says that it has “once again raised the bar in premium protection for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S by designing and engineering a case that fuses shock and impact protection into an elegant, low-profile package.” The Fuze products represent “months of research and development,” the Canadian company says.



Unlike other hard cases, iSkin explains, the Fuze cases both feature a soft inner core that cushions the iPhone while its hard exterior absorbs impact. They also feature protected power and volume buttons, as well as a removable charging port (30-pin) cover to keep unwanted dust, dirt and spills from causing damage. 

But iSkin also affirms that it kept aesthetics keenly in mind: the Fuze features a modern tri-tone color scheme for a look “akin to the sophisticated superhero,” while the fuze SE “steps it up with an über-sophisticated black and grey color scheme that’s accented with a brushed aluminum front plate.”

iSkin is selling the Fuze for $50 and the Fuze SE for $60 online.