Toronto’s Jet Cooper launches Rocketr

Toronto-based Jet Cooper recently released their new web and iphone app called Rocketr.

The new service will allow users to create cloud-based notebooks that can be shared with an unlimited number of users.

After signing up at the Rocketr website, or downloading the new iphone app, users can create quick and easy notes that they can categorize into both private and public notebooks. With the free accounts offered by Rocketr, users can create up to 3 private notebooks and an unlimited number of public notebooks. Any number of editors can be invited to share, comment, or contribute to private notebooks and anybody can access, follow, share, or “star” their favourite notes from public notebooks.

Overall, Rocketr is a simple and free cloud-based service that will automatically sync from any piece of hardware that can connect to the Internet. Notes can be emailed directly from the app or tweeted once synced with a Twitter account. Notes can also be created by sending emails from an address associated with your account to or tweeted with the tag #rkt. So, even if you don’t have an iphone to run the iphone app, any smartphone will be able to integrate with this service.

After the release of the beta, the team of developers at Jet Cooper have been working to streamline the service and increase user experience over the last couple of months. In the newest, official version, experienced users will notice Rocketr has 3 columns to help create notebooks, edit other people’s notebooks, and to follow public notebooks. The idea is that users will be able to quickly generate their own public or private content that can be easily accessed and shared with others while still managing content from other people’s notebooks.

Read more about what Jet Cooper has to say on developing the product here and here.