Toronto’s Kanetix Launches New Auto Insurance Quote Service

Commercial auto insurance quotes from Coachman Insurance are now available through Toronto-based’s new online service for free. The service is currently only available for those in Ontario.

“With the launch, Kanetix offers consumers the opportunity to get auto insurance quotes for both facets of their life: personal and professional,” said Janine White, Director, Marketplace for “It’s a first, and we’re pleased to have teamed up with Coachman Insurance to deliver a much-needed service to busy consumers who want to shop online for a quick and easy solution to their commercial auto insurance needs.”

“More and more consumers want to research auto insurance quotes online,” said William Breckles, Chief Operating Officer of Coachman Insurance. “With this service, we’re excited to offer customers the option of obtaining those quotes online or in person with a broker. Online quotes are also conveniently available for small contractors (one- or two-person operations) who only require liability and tool coverage.”

The free service offers consumers an efficient and time-saving means to not only get an online quote, but also effortlessly connect to Coachman Insurance to discuss and buy coverage. The result is a simple and straightforward experience that frees up the consumer’s time to focus on what’s really important—their business.

Kanetix, which was Canada’s first online insurance marketplace, was founded in October 1999. Coachman Insurance, also headquarted in Toronto, has been selling insurance products since 1979.