Toronto’s Maide secures seed funding to disrupt the 3D design industry [video]

Toronto mobile software startup Maide will be presenting at DemoCamp Toronto 30 tonight at Ryerson but they’re not waiting to show off their iPad app as a 3D controller.

Maide is ambitiously rethinking how tablets will be used in the future. With a vision that may change how people interact with their desktop computers, Maide is pairing the multi-touch capability of the iPad with the raw power of the computer to create a powerful new input device for your desktop.

What better place to start than the world of 3D modeling. The team has taken on the challenge of designing a new method of control for people who use 3D CAD programs. Their first product, Maide Control, turns the iPad into a multi-touch input device for programs such as Google Sketchup, and Rhinoceros 3D, and allows for multiple iPads to connect to one computer simultaneously.

Born out of the Velocity tech and mobile incubator at the University of Waterloo, Maide recently raised seed funding from Extreme Venture Partners and the Ted Livingston funded Velocity Venture Fund.