Toronto’s Merchant Law Group looks to sue the pants off Facebook

merchantToronto-based law firm Merchant Law Group has its litigation crosshair aimed at social networking giant Facebook.

The law firm, which has offices in 10 Canadian cities, launched litigation seeking class action status against Facebook last week. It is alleging the mishandling of sensitive user data, the latest wave of action crashing against the shore of the website’s privacy policies.

The lawsuit alleges that Mark Zuckerberg’s creation has changed its user privacy settings and its terms of service without adequate consent from users, rendering a significant amount of information public that was prior protected. Winnipeg resident Donald J. Woligroski, who is the lead plaintiff, alleges that he “has been subject to, inter alia, breach of privacy and the misappropriation of his personal information and, in the addition or alternative, the conversion of said information for commercial use through the materially deceptive conduct of the Defendant.”

Let’s see what happens.