Toronto’s Muuver lets you Like or Dislike anything

Toronto-based startup Muuver launched yesterday and it’s poised to make more than just a few waves in the social networking ocean.

Positioned as “a tool that lets you Like or Dislike… anything”, this new bootstrapped company’s little utility is a lot more powerful and complex than the simple Like and Dislike buttons it emphasizes.

Founder Paul Marek suggests that Muuver is a mashup of Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Wikipedia, Yelp, Foursquare, Groupon, and maybe a little Google. Check out their launch video and judge for yourself.

The Muuver team plans on launching with 3 integrated tool platforms that enable users to quickly and easily cast their vote and opinion on literally any item, subject, thing, place or idea. Using a mobile app, browser toolbar and website widgets, muuver assembles all user created information relating to a given item onto one page called the ‘item page’. Once the item attains a certain level it is promoted to become a ‘muuvement page’.

Similar to StumbleUpon, Muuver promises to learn what you like and dislike and will help you discover content that matches your interest graph.

The sign-up form at Muuver indicates a requirement of 100,000 alpha users before they can launch version 1.0, so if you LIKE Muuver be sure to sign up now.