Toronto’s Pin A Quote Allows Users to Turn Text on the Web Directly into Image on Pinterest

It seems that Torontonians are eager to capitalize on the rise of Pinterest. Earlier this month, we wrote about Pinerly, a HootSuite-like dashboard for Pinterest. Now we have Pin A Quote.

Developed by Adam Rotman in Toronto, Pin A Quote’s premise is simple: it allows users to highlight any text on the web and post it directly to Pinterest as an image. There’s a straightforward free version and now a Pro version ($1.99), which enables custom fonts and colours.

You can see Pin A Quote in use on Pinterest here. Or you can check out how it works in this video.

A hobby project for now, Adam says that the Pro version is designed to recoup developments costs. Of course, profitability would be nice, although that may require extending beyond Pinterest. “I think there are bigger applications for this concept,” he told me.