Toronto’s Shiny Ads Helps Web Publishers Grab The Long-Tail Of Advertising

Small web publishers know one thing too well – that often times, that little space on their website ‘could’ be monetized with ads, that there are potential advertisers who could be willing to pay something for that space. Problem is that ad networks like Google AdSense pay a small, pitiful amount (in “CPMs” – thats how ad units are measured) while on the other end of the spectrum deploying a direct sales force to get a higher CPM is something that is just beyond the reach of smaller publishers. As a result, a lot of potential ad inventory out there on the web never gets monetized properly.

This is where Toronto-based Shiny Ads comes in. It provides a white-label product which enables publishers to engage directly with advertisers. Publishers can set the ad prices themselves’, while advertisers can use features like the banner builder to quickly create ad banners, without having to go through the process of finding a designer, etc. The entire interaction happens on the publisher’s website, in an embedded widget – so it is a seamless experience for the advertiser – from clicking on the ‘advertise’ button to quickly creating a banner ad to making the payment (Shiny Ads processes the payment and pays publishers automatically on a daily basis). Click here to see a demo. Here’s a screenshot of the nifty little banner builder (it might seem like a minor thing, but goes to show how much thought has gone into making the whole experience as beneficial to publishers and advertisers alike):

Here’s more from the company’s website:

Our Self-Serve Advertising platform allows publishers to control the ad purchase process by directly offering an ad purchase system to their advertisers. It allows small and local (long-tail) advertisers to quickly and easily purchase advertising without the need of special knowledge of industry terminology, graphic designers, or a large budget. Through our patent-pending automated advertising management back-end process, payment is reconciled, banners are inserted into the publisher’s ad server, advertiser’s campaigns are monitored, and publishers are paid nightly.

Shiny Ads was founded earlier this year by Roy Pereira, who many in Toronto’s start-up community would know for his efforts in organizing the incredibly popular Facebook Developer Camps in town, among other events. Roy has been involved with 5 start-ups till date, including venture-backed firms and spent a few years working in Silicon Valley for Cisco, until he returned to T.O. a few years ago.

Shiny Ads has been off to a great start, with deviantART, one of the most visited websites out there, rolling out their offering (see link). If you are a web publisher, check them out at and you might find a way to further monetize your site. Regarding the name “Shiny”…I asked Roy that question but soon realized….it already has your attention too, doesn’t it ? 😛