Toronto’s Skymeter takes the complexity out of charging drivers

Last month Techvibes was invited by the Trade Commissioner Service to attend Venture NORTH 2011 in New York along with an impressive list of Canadian companies in life sciences, ICT and cleantech.

The goal of Venture NORTH is to accelerate growth through strategic exposure to opportunities for R&D financing and partnerships in the North East United States.

This is the fourth of a series of blog posts about the companies that presented in Venture NORTH’s ICT stream.


With Skymeter, companies and governments involved in roads, parking lots, car rental and sharing, or any other service that can turn vehicle location into profit, will have their work cut out for them.

That’s because Skymeter, based in Toronto’s MaRS Discovery District’s Incubation Centre, does all of the metering for these organizations — all that’s left for them to do is market the service to clients and send them the bill.

Skymeter uses easy-to-install meters, less than the size of a paperback novel, to record GPS information and send data to the client company’s billing centre. The meters can be installed by professional staff or even the drivers using them. Once installed, the metres accurately record location data for reliable and enforceable billing.

Skymeter was founded in 2006, thanks to the support and backing of the MaRS Discovery District. Bern Grush and Kamal Hassan were the primary founders of the company, and Hassan remains CEO of Skymeter to this day.

Skymeter continues to expand globally. In addition to North American users, Seoul, Korea started using Skymeter in 2008. Skymeter has been featured in many leading publications, including Maclean’s, The Toronto Star and BNN.