Monteal’s Stingray Digital doubles Galaxie’s music channels

Monteal-based Stingray Digital, a provier of interactive music for television, today announced that it has doubled the number of Galaxie music channels offered to Canadians.

Currently delivered in packages of 40 or 45 channels, Galaxie has expanded the lineup to 100 channels. The new channels will be rolled out to 10 million homes in Canada. 

“Our goal is for Galaxie to be the primary source of music for Canadians and to meet the needs of the casual music lover,” says Eric Boyko, president of Stingray Digital. “By doubling the number of channels offered by Galaxie, we are making an already popular service even more appealing to a wider audience, and increasing the relevancy of the service for existing fans. These new channels cover new genres that our customers have been asking for and more options in the most popular music categories. Additionally, we are launching a variety of multicultural channels in an effort to better reflect Canada’s increasing diversity.”

“CIMA is excited about the launch of Galaxie’s new music services, particularly the new Canadian Indie channel,” says Stuart Johnston, President of the Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA). “Galaxie must be congratulated for recognizing the deep and diverse talent of Canada’s independent artists, and for giving them a much-deserved platform for showcasing their music.”