Toronto’s Tap’n Ride Joins Crowded Mobile Taxi Space with One Distinct Difference

The taxi space has experienced a gold rush of innovation in Canada this year, with Uber’s move North and Canadian startup Winston launching, as well as traditional taxi companies going high-tech.

The latest to enter this fray is Tap’n Ride, whose beta rollout pegs itself as “the world’s first transportation solution allowing users to track and book taxis or limos with any mobile phone or web browser.”

Tap’n Ride employs peer-to-peer GPS technology that allows users to see real-time availability of taxis and limos that can be ordered with the tap of a finger. With a Tap’n Ride account accessed via mobile app or web browser, users enjoy cashless transactions, detailed receipts and a simple way to book car service in Toronto. The solution comes from one of the city’s best known transportation CEO’s, Craig McCutcheon, also an owner of Rosedale Livery.

“I have been involved with servicing the transportation needs of Torontonians for many years and know firsthand the challenges and the opportunities within this sector,” says Craig McCutcheon, CEO of Tap’n Ride. “We are providing a solution that draws on Toronto’s existing taxi and limo fleets in a fast, intuitive and affordable way. The taxi community, in particular, is telling me that they welcome it—they’ve been looking for ways to manage escalating costs to operate their vehicles.”

Tap’n Ride tracks transit expenses with all receipts sent directly to your email in addition to appearing on credit card statements; it gets you home safe at night armed with your taxi/limo driver’s name, car number, and cell phone number plus an email summary of complete trip details; and it ensures that any items left behind can be tracked and returned by knowing the car number, driver’s name and cell phone number.

Growing its fleet and user base daily, Tap’n Ride has launched in Toronto with plans to expand into other North American markets by the end of 2012.

According to Tap’n Ride, there are 4,800 taxis in operation in Toronto per day and 90,000 taxi trips.