Toronto’s technology community unites for Haiti

“Some people don’t know how to help when disaster hits thousands of miles away. Some know exactly what to do, and go straight to their computer to get working.”

In times of crisis and in times of need, we’ve seen our community and many other communities around the world unite to help raise over $50,000 for the Daily Bread Food Bank. We’ve seen communities rally around creating political change.

This time in history is no different. Haiti has been rocked by numerous earthquakes over the past few weeks, and the need for aid to the embattled island has never been greater.

Tomorrow at University of Toronto’s Sidney Smith Hall, CrisisCampTO invites “developers, social media mavens, writers, graphic designers, translators, photographers, notetakers, wiki specialists, bloggers, etc to come together on Jan 30 for an all day session.” The purpose of the event is to “provide local and international responders, Haitian community leaders and non-governmental organizations an opportunity to engage with operations on the ground in Haiti”, and show them how to use technology to make technology manageable.

I’m particularly interested in seeing what emerges from tomorrow’s event in Toronto (as well as the other events being curated in cities across North America); a number of the projects being proposed are quite interesting.