Toronto’s Uberflip Dominates Google Chrome Store

Toronto-born Uberflip, a cloud-based PDF enhancement tool with embeddable social widgets like YouTube videos, finished 4th at the Road to Banff Canada 3.0 competition. It has since held a high ranking in recent weeks in the Google Chrome Store’s Marketing & Analytics section.

Yesterday, Facebook launched the App Center. Facebook’s App Center will allow all platforms to be listed whether they be iOS, Android, Blackberry, Mango, or Web. Uberflip’s COO Randy Frisch says they are working on that now. As mobile app stores have been incredibly popular, we’re now beginning to see web stores beyond e-commerce.

With 1,510 users gained from the Chrome store in just 35 days, the Canadian startup, now with over a dozen employees, is beginning to take off. It would appear that the Chrome Store is one of a few proper places for B2B products and services to advertise on the web.

Frisch says: “Since integrating into the Google Store about a month ago, our lead traffic has increased 321% . . . At the same time we’re also providing existing customers an easy access point to our Application with the Chrome tab.”

When Frisch’s company was known as Mygazines, they were a consumer and B2B publishing platform. However, he and CEO Yoav Schwartz wanted to put content in the hands of publishers versus consumers. Uberflip allows publishers to be able to share multi-page documents in a variety of formats.

Last week, Linkedin acquired SlideShare, the world’s most popular powerpoint sharing site, for $119 million. Slideshare, like Adobe and others, recently ditched flash for HTML5. It has since risen to 188th in the world according to Alexa’s web traffic rankings from 300th or so last year. It should continue to rise as marketers incorporate HTML5 into their presentations that will be indexable via the web.

In contrast, Uberflip allows you to track what consumers view on your multi-page PDF via their own analytics system and Google Analytics. This is all doable because of HTML5 according to Frisch. HTML5 allows Uberflip to deliver a compatible version of the PDF reading experience as Flash is less integratable into mobile which enables the company to track everywhere.

The startup has attracted notable companies like Dupont, Microsoft, RIM, Thomson Reuters and G Adventures who all use their software as a service.