Toronto’s Zipzoom makes local searches easier than ever for consumers and businesses alike

Calling around, shopping around, comparing prices and services from a multitude of local businesses may be a thing of the past thanks to an innovative new local listing service from Toronto’s Zipzoom.

Zipzoom allows you to be very specific with your searches. Instead of just plugging “flowers” into Google, zipzoom allows users to enter a query more like, “How much will it cost to get a dozen roses delivered to this address?” Once you’ve made that specific query, businesses who have signed up for zipzoom will receive it, and can send you messages back with estimates. The messages aren’t automated; they’re sent by a real employee of that business. With one message, you can reach a representative from every business in your town — provided they’re signed up for a free zipzoom account. Users can limit searches to only find businesses with certain suburbs or communities within a town to find a business that’s close enough for their needs. The only real limitation on zipzoom results is the number of businesses in your community and how fast they are at responding to queries.

Another benefit to zipzoom is that you always remain anonymous. Zipzoom never gives your personal info to partner businesses; they leave it up to your discretion as to when and what you tell them.

Zipzoom also has real benefits to businesses that sign up as clients. Not only is the service free, but it allows customers to find you. It’s about as easy a marketing plan as you can find.

Right now, zipzoom is in beta, and Barrie, Ontario is the destination it’s being tested in. Stay tuned for further developments, including when the national launch goes ahead.

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