Totlol goes mobile for iPhones

Parents of toddlers know the magnetic pull an expensive laptop computer has on little fingers. Vancouver’s Ron Ilan helped us all out when he launched last summer. Totlol is a parent-driven video discovery service where parents can share cute, comic, educational or touching videos with their tech-savy offspring.

We’ve covered Totlol’s progress to date and now they’ve released an iPhone app – so parents on the go can distract their kids when a home computer is no where in site.

The Totlol iPhone app is free and provides access to the vast majority of the videos available at Totlol (10,000 and counting) in good quality format. On the device, the Web App runs in full screen independent of Safari with a landscape interface, activated by rotation, that a 3 year-old can easily operate.

The iPhone app can work as a sole Internet video source when other video applications and Safari are restricted – turning the device into an expensive kid-friendly toy.

Don’t worry parents, it is in sync with Totlol web account offering similar personalization options and parental controls.