– YouTube for Kids

Daddy, Daddy More Video! In the case of a new child-friendly online video site, necessity is the father of innovation. Software Developer Ron Ilan was eager to share the fun of online video with his young children, so he single-handedly created a tot-friendly version of YouTube. (stands for tot laugh-out-loud) launched in May as a parent-driven video discovery service where parents can share cute, comic, educational or touching videos with their tech-savy offspring. The Vancouver-based father-of-two embarked on the project because his nearly three-year-old son, like many children, is curious about computers and the Internet.

I found myself with a boy that wants to know what daddy does on the computer all day. He doesn’t want to see daddy do his email. And, when you go on YouTube you see very quickly it is not designed for parents looking for videos for their kids.

Ilan used his own money to build the site where parents can join an online community that “scouts” Google’s popular YouTube service for videos they deem suitable for children ranging from six months to six years old. Underaged users don’t see all of YouTube but rather just what parents think is worthy.