TradableBits Launches Stream, Draws Big Local Customers in Canucks and Whistler

Vancouver-based TradableBits Media, which develops apps that help businesses and individuals increase their engagement on Facebook, has launched Stream.

TradableBits describes Stream as a new way to aggregate all of the relevant content from the world’s most popular social media platforms: in about the same time it takes to create a Facebook account, a Stream page can be set up that collects all the posts from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and YouTube that pertain to a specific subject.

According to the Canadian startup, that Stream page can then be viewed as a regular webpage, or embedded on a website or Facebook page, so that fans of the subject matter can experience the full spectrum of all social media content being generated about it. TradableBits says that searches can also be performed, and content from specific social media outlets filtered or added to the Stream mix.



“Stream is taking social media to the next level,” says Darshan Kaler, CEO of TradableBits. “There’s so much content being made every moment across different platforms. Stream makes it easy and fun to sift through it all and then share and interact with it, and on your own schedule.”

Early adopters of Stream include Canucks Sports & Entertainment and Tourism Whistler.

“We love using social media as an impactful way to engage with our fans,” says Victor de Bonis, the chief operating officer of Canucks Sports & Entertainment. “We interact with them on multiple social media platforms, and they interact back with tweets, photos and status updates. Using Stream, our New Media team can see all of that activity happening in one place and it gets constantly updated.”
“With the rise of Instagram and other social tools, the ease with which people can share their real-time emotions and experiences continues to grow,” says Kirsten Homeniuk, senior manager of marketing for Tourism Whistler. “The Whistler Stream is an easy way for people to get a curated snapshot of what’s being shared in the social sphere related to Whistler at any given time. Consumers want transparency and authenticity from brands. Showcasing visitor comments and photos is as authentic as it gets.”