TransGaming licenses 3D technology to Adobe Flash platform

TransGaming, founded in Ottawa and now headquarted in Toronto, has licensed the company’s SwiftShader 3D technology to Adobe to improve 3D effects in Flash-based applications.

SwiftShader is a pure software 3D renderer that allows computers without high-end graphics cards to run 3D effects.

The software renderer has previously been used by casual gaming companies to add 3D effects that would run on computers not built for gaming.

“Working with Adobe on next generation 3D capabilities is a natural fit for TransGaming’s SwiftShader graphics technology and means that Adobe developers will be able to deliver 3D content on practically any hardware,” said TransGaming founder and chief technology officer Gavriel State in a press release. ”In addition to broader hardware compatibility, SwiftShader is portable, flexible and efficient – adding as little as 100kb to the size of the distributable content for Flash Player and Adobe AIR.”

“Future Adobe Flash Platform tools and technologies will drive 3D innovation on the web just as we powered the web video revolution,” added Anup Murarka, director of product marketing for the Flash Platform at Adobe.