Travelling With Kiwi Collection is About Luxury Living

Have you ever wanted to find a luxury castle in Italy to stay at for your next vacation?   Well, as far as luxury travel and e-commerce sites go, Vancouver-based Kiwi Collection leaves a sweet taste in the mouths of those with a discerning palette.

Whether you are searching for a luxury hotel in a remote location, want to plan a jetsetter vacation or buy luxury items fit for a queen or king, all you have to do is define what you’re looking for and Kiwi Collection gives you the rest.  The catch?  It is very exclusive.  Participation of hotels, resorts, lodges and inns is by invitation only, as they have to meet a set of high-standards.  Other than booking rooms, the site features sophisticated search and filter options.  An interactive map lets you click to where you want to go.  You can also search by filtering keywords or setting certain criteria that matches you needs.

There is an online magazine called Wow, where you can read reviews and recommendations about properties and the site features an interactive Jetsetter section where customers can customize their travel searches based on preferences by destination, lifestyles, interests and more.  Travel agents, travelers and hoteliers are invited to sign up to enjoy special discounts, travel rates, have access to exclusive recommendations and there is an area to save searches.  I think it’s great that Kiwi Collection caters to a niche demographic, and the site fouses on booking luxury “accomodation” and online shopping specifically.  This is not a one-for-all-travel-and-plan-your-trip-review site.  No reviews, no mom-and-pop recommendations. There is heavy editorially controlled site and the name of the game is travel exclusivity.

What’s your favourite travel plannning site?  And what are some important features you require to plan a trip online?