Trend-followers – look no further than Coolspotters!

If you’re desperate to develop a ‘personal style’ ganked entirely from celebrity culture, look no further than Coolspotters. Seattle-based trend-spotting startup Coolspotters won Mashable’s Blogger’s Choice Open Web Award for Best Fashion Site this week. CEO and co-founder Aaron LaBerge told me via email that he is thrilled with the win: 

“We couldn’t be more excited about our win. We believe we’ve created a new category of product […] that combines people’s passion for great product and brands with their interest in pop-culture and entertainment.”

According to LaBerge, Coolspotters created “a platform that makes it easy to discover the coolest products, brands and fashions.” In a nutshell, the startup encourages rampant consumerism and celebrity fanatacism, but they have certainly started enjoying some real success in doing so. If you care about what brand of stroller a celebrity dad pushes their child around in (Orbit Baby), what sort of overpriced, oversized purse your favourite starlet carries on her frail arm (Chanel), what movie you should go see (teenaged Vampire love story ‘Twilight,’ aka Vampire Potter), or what sort of car is the coolest one to drive right now (omg, a Range Rover), then Coolspotters will genuinely appeal. Coolspotters beat out runner up Gift Girl. If you’re a big fan, there is still time to vote for Coolspotters as the “People’s Choice” – voting closes on Sunday at midnight.