Trend spotting with Toronto’s

The Globe and Mail covered Canada’s most well-known trendspotter today, Calgary-born Jeremy Gutsche of

As founder and chief trend hunter of the popular style website, Toronto-based Gutsche is the go-to guy when the marketplace needs a fresh dose of cool. Reaching millions of viewers a month, his site delivers the “what’s next” in everything from business and technology to design and fashion. He also uses the research data generated by his website to guide corporations as they target markets and develop strategies. works with a huge network of trend hunters around the world that are constantly searching for what is cool or new. We’re not talking what’s popular with the mainstram – that’s obvious to most. searches for the cutting edge – micro trends and viral innovations. Check out this clip from Global TV earlier this year to get a feel for what is up to: will be included on the upcoming October Toronto Start-Up index and shouldn’t have any trouble cracking the Top five. According to their ‘fun facts’, gets 7.9+ million monthly views.