Trialfire Exits Beta, Wants Marketers to Succeed Without Relying on Developers

Trialfire has come out of beta with a no-coding solution that lets marketers connect their analytics and marketing automation services to websites and applications without relying on developers.

Trialfire, based in Toronto, lets marketers control what to track on their website or application, and to which analytics and marketing services to send the data. Without the need to write any code, marketing can act faster and has a greater ability to test their strategies and adjust to new circumstances as they arise, the startup says.

“Companies use services like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Totango and many more to understand and grow their businesses,” explains Trialfire cofounder Michael Lieberman. “A huge obstacle however is how difficult it is to integrate these tools into a website or application. This not only negatively impacts the value users get from these services, it also jeopardizes the success of the vendors.”

Founders Michael Lieberman and Max Kremer came up with the idea for Trialfire while growing their last startup, which in 2011 was acquired by Autodesk.

“When we were a startup Mike would always ask, ‘can you integrate something into the website for me?’ When we were part of a larger enterprise there were seven product managers and five marketing guys asking the same questions,” said Kremer. “We saw an opportunity to help business people get more done without relying on development.”

Paid plans for Trialfire start at $19 per month.