TripHub Grounded Permanently

Techcrunch’s Jason Kincaid reported today that Seattle-based TripHub has reached its final destination – the Deadpool. As a group oriented travel site, TripHub provided travellers with a way to compile and centralize information for group trips. Kincaid notes that TripHub’s farewell blog post blames the company’s grounding on a lack of funding and potentially a failed acquisition offer.

Certainly we made mistakes, and unfortunately we were impacted by factors beyond our control including the current economic environment and state of the travel industry. We came close to realizing a different outcome for our venture but, as the saying goes, close doesn’t count. At the end of the day, despite a well-received, market-leading product and early success with strategic partners such as Orbitz and Alaska Airlines, we simply ran out of money to continue executing on our vision.

I guess Expedia, Inc. can’t buy everyone.