Trippeo Launches Flights Portal to Help Businesses Save Time, Money on Booking

Trippeo has launched a flight booking to their expense management dashboard to further help businesses reduce the time, cost, and complexity involved in managing company flight booking.

Flights for Trippeo centralizes travel policy enforcement and itinerary management, eliminating mistakes and wasted time.

By allowing employees to book an unlimited number of flights using Trippeo, organizations are able to promote autonomy and compliance throughout the organization.

“This release tips the scales for Trippeo: we’ve taken our app and further streamlined the procedures that an organization needs to keep their employees productive and compliant,” Patrick Tsang, Trippeo’s Chief Technology Officer, says. “We afford CFOs the control and insight they need into company spending at a reasonable price.”

“When we began Trippeo we knew that flights would add a new echelon of control and insight for CFOs and administrative professionals alike,” Adarsh Pallian, Trippeo’s CEO, said. “This is the first in a series of updates we have planned to make Trippeo’s work extend beyond the expense realm.”

Trippeo was founded in Vancouver in 2014.


Remove yourself from a world of spreadsheet cells, banish the thought of crumpled, folded and faded receipts, and forget the need to pencil in your gas mileage. 

Trippeo has updated their end-to-end travel and expenses app to include an Expense Reports feature, allowing users to create distinct, shareable records of expenses from logged transactions, and the option to share them with an administrator for approval and reimbursement.  Once authorization is confirmed, reimbursement will appear in the account within 24 hours.

Trippeo provides an end-to-end solution for the booking, tracking, reporting, and reimbursement of business travel and expenses, with an emphasis on ease, automation, and user experience. 

The software has been designed to be a holistic solution for business travel and expensing, from trip planning to post-trip review, with integrated travel booking capabilities, advanced itinerary management features, and now, expense reporting tools.

The opportunity inspiring Trippeo’s original creation was the disjointed, complex solutions that existed previously for business travelers.  Mind space is precious, and can be needlessly occupied by organizing, juggling, and tracking finances and receipts.

“Currently, there is no holistic solution for the business traveller. Trippeo wants to build a product around dynamic lives, not just use­cases,” said founder and CEO Adarsh Pallian.

To streamline travel planning and expenses, Trippeo can be synced with credit cards and calendars, from which the app can create travel itineraries and the expense reports.  As a result, finance departments can gain organized, detailed insight into business spending.

To address the hassle of manually calculating and recording mileage and gas usage, Trippeo automatically tracks your car travel using Zendrive.

“We’re looking at the end-users issues first.  We’ve created a really intuitive, really beautiful and simple design that becomes a part of a person’s day, or is a natural extension of a meeting,” said Katherine Fritz, Marketing Manager with Trippeo.

Trippeo was originally launched in Vancouver by Adarsh Pallian and Patrick Tsang in 2014.

Pallian is the kind of entrepreneur who sells one business and turns around to start the next seemingly a moment later.  Pallian sold location-based marketing tool Geotoko to Hootsuite in 2011, and then took year to spend with family and to research before partnering with Tsang and discovering both opportunity to make something new and exciting in the business expense space.

Pallian has said, “A space that really stood out and excited me was the business travel industry. While my peers were flying more frequently on business trips, travel management companies were still being engaged at exorbitant costs to facilitate company-wide travel, and legacy software with bloated and complex workflows involving spreadsheets and paper forms were being forced upon employees to file expenses just to get reimbursed.” 

Trippeo’s all-inclusive plan features unlimited expense tracking and reporting, connections with thousands of global credit cards and banks, expense report automation and sync with Google Calendar, sync with QuickBooks and Xero, multi-stage team approval workflow, customer support, and access to weekly webinars.