TripWow creates flashy travel movies

There are many web apps for manipulating and displaying images across the web.

Ottawa’s TravelPod has developed a new entrant to this space, but with too many twists on the idea to count.

Enter TripWow.

Created for TripAdvisor (both TripAdvisor and TravelPod are owned by Expedia,) TripWow goes beyond an audio slideshow with transition effects. You feed the app your travel photos, enter the locations and TripWow spits out a whole movie.

The entire process takes minutes.

The app can pull in photos from Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, and of course, TravelPod.

Once the photos are chose, you enter your name and a title for the “slideshow,” choose some music (or upload your own) and finally a theme and click done.

The result is something like the demo video:

TripWow adds an intro, flags of the countries featured in the video and plots the trip on a map.

For added control, you can reorder the images, as well as change the captions and locations where each photo was taken.

Currently there are only two “themes” available for videos, but the team is taking votes on the site to see which kinds of themes should be developed next, so one can expect more in the future.