Truck Drivers Don’t Need Cellphones

Neither do the rest of us carbon-spewing drivers, either. Fact is, when you’re on the cell phone and driving, you’re impaired as if you just had a couple of pints of your favorite brew (LiveScience).

Of course, trucks can do a lot more damage when their drivers get distracted. So Vancouver-based Contigo has a solution that will help prevent these kinds of accidents while making sure our friendly neighborhood truck drivers don’t inadvertently crush us morning commuters under 16 wheels of rubber-insulated death.

Contigo has just launched a web-based in-vehicle messaging solution linked with GPS tracking beacons for mobile resource management. Basically, this means dispatchers can send instructions to drivers, and drivers can update their status in real time.

No more need for distracting cell phone calls or the pricey cell phone bills.

Nice to see a webby technology helping a bricks-and-mortar type of company do what it does better.