True North Power’s Intelligent Wind Turbines

A new intelligent wind turbine may be just what a small Ontario energy company needs to capture the lucrative micro wind turbine market. True North Power, a small energy company based in the tiny town of Ayr, Ontario has a long road ahead of it to become a major player in the crowded micro wind turbine market but their new Wind Arrow turbine has been making waves across the industry.

The Wind Arrow is not your typical wind turbine; the device is equipped with intelligent controls and advanced software that can adjust the turbine blades speed. While most wind turbines need to shut down to avoid damage during high winds or turn away from the wind, the Wind Arrow is able to continue generating electricity during high winds. As an added benefit since the turbine does not need to pivot away from the wind, high maintenance parts such as bearings and springs are not required. This drastically reduces the costs of maintaining a turbine.

The Wind Arrow turbine was developed with a $1.5 million angel investment. The Turbines are manufactured in True North Power‘s 17,000 square foot plant which employs 18-20 people part time. Wind Arrows have been sold to customers in North America and Europe.