Try out VoIP service Zipring for free during the public beta, open now

A Vancouver company is inviting you to join the free public beta of their new VoIP service for PC, iOS, smartphone… well, anything actually. If your device can connect to the Internet, you can use Zipring.

That’s what Zipring is hoping will set them apart from their competitors in the VoIP world. Zipring only requires open standard software and Internet access to turn your device into a phone. You can use the device to send and receive calls, and have your own dedicated Zipring number.

Users of Zipring are never charged for roaming; they can record calls; record voicemails and send voicemails to email; send and receive SMS messages and send them to email or share them; and control privacy by blocking certain callers.

“The beauty of Zipring is that users are not tied to it. They can integrate Zipring directly with any VoIP app or device available to them, unlike Google Voice or Skype, and enjoy zero roaming charges and inexpensive calling without a contract,” said Erik Lagerway, VP and GM of commercial communications at Ziplocal, the company behind Zipring, in a press release. “With the purchase and closure of Gizmo by Google, the non-commercialization of Free World Dial Up and the commercial success of Vonage, a huge market remains open — and this is where Zipring comes in.”

The free public beta follows a private beta that resulted in 17,000 users joining up — plus 25,000 downloads of Zipring’s iPhone app. While the beta is free, Zipring will be a service requiring monthly fees, although without contracts.

“The feedback we’ve received by early adopters to the Zipring beta has been extremely positive,” said Lagerway.

To get in on the beta for Zipring, or for more information, click here.