Tubetastic chooses ThoughtFarmer

I received a mysterious package in the mail today from a company in Victoria, BC called name-tag with my picture and title (CFO) on it. Very strange.

I quickly scanned the org chart and found my name circled as part of the executive team – nice. Then I started noticing fellow bloggers on the chart – Tris Hussey (Tube Blogger), the list goes on.

The welcome letter was signed off by well-known Vancouver blogger/marketer Capulet Communications (in his new HR role at Tubetastic Inc.) but I was still stumped about what it was all about. Who had hired him? Luckily, Darren was kind enough to include my user-name & password for my new employer’s Intranet. As soon as I logged on,  I clued in.

Through some extremely creative outreach marketing, local Intranet developer ThoughtFarmer got me to check out and play around with their demo site. Nice work Guys!