Tumblr is the New Black, or is it?

My attempt at starting and maintaining a Tumblr page was fruitful and short lived. It was fun to design but after having to update and maintain various other social platforms, Tumblr was largely ignored. Yet, for fashion it’s the hottest new social platform, given its ease in sharing fashion tidbits (mainly photos) and reblogging (which is like retweeting, which is like repeating).

In fact, Tumblr even has a fashion director who is sending the top 20 fashion Tumblrs’ to NYC for fashion week, just for the purpose of blogging.  This appears to make sense as 20% of their top 1000 blogs are related to fashion. Fashion is a creative and visual industry that likes to move in communities, making Tumblr an appropriate outlet. This is better than Twitter which has visual limitations and an overwhelming and sometimes generic community.

At the same time as I had started a Tumblr page, I also tested out Posterous, which I still currently use. I don’t see it like a blog since you have the option to post through email.  Although, it does work like a blog and has a similar community model like Tumblr, its focus appears to be on syndication.

Has this tool been overlooked by the fashion community or perhaps just not well known?

The reason I ask this is I was surprised to see that you could share your posts on to Shopify along with all other social platforms including your Facebook page and even Tumblr. These two advantages are lacking on Tumblr as Tumblr only shares to your personal Facebook and Twitter, and does not connect to Shopify. It can however be developed into the Tumblr page.

Furthermore, there is one large thing I have overlooked in my fight for Posterous, which was pointed out by this blog.  For fashion, it comes down to ease and sexiness of the main page. 

 Tumblr vs. Posterous 

Although, Posterous claims to be dead simple, my Waterloo nerd past life really came in handy in deciphering the many email, and autoposting options. Admittedly, it does have a bit of a learning curve. Once you know it, it can be easily used in conjunction with Tumblr. This would work best, as in this way; you don’t lose the fashion community or reblogging option.

Which blogging platform do you use – Tumblr or Posterous, both or none?